Treatment Programs

The New York Center for Living is unique in that it provides an intensive evidenced-based outpatient treatment center with individualized programs specifically developed for the distinct challenges facing adolescents (age 13-17), young adults (18-30) and their families dealing with the issues of substance and alcohol abuse. We specialize in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders such as: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cutting and eating disorders. We offer a holistic, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary recovery curricula based on a 12-step core philosophy.

Open Monday through Friday, we are located in a welcoming townhouse in Manhattan’s upper east side, the New York Center for Living provides a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for both the young person and their families to come to receive world-class, and individualized treatment abstinence-based program options.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program provides up to twenty-five hours a week of individual, group and family therapy. This is designed to introduce patients to recovery by developing productive skills to prevent relapse, improving communication and family relationships, providing skill education and integrative services. Our intensive outpatient program may also be indicated for individuals transitioning from residential treatment, as well as those who recognize their recovery may be at risk and require additional support.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program offers up to seven hours a week of individual, family and group therapy. It’s designed for those clients who may be transitioning from NYCFL’s intensive program, or those already receiving recovery support from other sources. Our outpatient program is also indicated for clients with an established period of sobriety who are seeking to maintain abstinence, expand coping skills and improve interpersonal relationships; all the while promoting self-awareness, psychological growth and emotional well-being.

Evening Program

Our evening program is designed to meet the needs of clients whose schedules may conflict with a traditional outpatient day program. This program provides services five evenings a week; incorporating individual, group and family therapy. Program goals include maintaining sobriety, navigating early recovery guidelines, creating healthy boundaries and developing relapse prevention skills. Our evening program also offers process groups, psychopharmacology, family counseling, community-based support programs and case management.

Individual Program

Our individual program provides a strong foundation of one-on-one treatment, with the option to supplement care with a customizable level of group support. Personalized to the specific needs of the client, this program may serve as a transition from NYCFL’s outpatient program, or as supplemental treatment for clients with existing external therapeutic relationships who desire additional support. Clients have the option of incorporating supplemental family therapy, medication management, nutritional consultation and mindfulness training services.

Assessment and Prevention Program

Our assessment and prevention program is a unique, streamlined ten-week evaluation designed to systematically assess the indication of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. This program was designed specifically to motivate clients towards sobriety and offers individual therapy, drug testing, participation in group substance education and sober support activities.

Parents are expected to attend weekly skill groups and family therapy consultations to support client treatment. Clients will acquire productive skills to identify and manage behavior related to substance use, build motivation for change and develop support for long-term goals. Upon completion of the assessment and prevention program, clients desiring additional support are welcome to seek NYCFL’s outpatient services.

Parent Only Program

Our parent only program provides parents with substance abuse education, tools for prevention, coaching, group and individual support for those dealing with escalating substance use problems and co-occurring mental health disorders in their families. This program fosters healthy familial communication skills, positive modeling behavior and improved parent-child relationships. Parents are invited to attend our monthly workshops.


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