Parenting Workshops

The New York Center for Living hosts free monthly workshops open to the public, with the goal of helping parents and caregivers effectively address alcohol and drug use in children and teens. Workshop format includes educational lecture followed by a question and answer session with experts in substance use, prevention, and treatment. Additionally, NYCFL provides free educational lectures to schools and parent organizations within the city.

Sunnylands Retreat

In 2012 The New York Center for Living and the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands co-sponsored a two-day retreat addressing Problematic Internet Use patterns in adolescents and young adults, focusing on cybersex and online gambling and gaming.

NYCFL spearheaded an educational guidebook on Problematic Internet Use for parents, available to the public.

Click here to download the guidebook


Prep for Prep

The New York Center for Living hosts an educational seminar on substance use prevention and early identification in youth for the Prep for Prep team of counselors and tutors.

Heroes in Recovery

The New York Center for Living co-sponsored the Heroes in Recovery NYC marathon this past August. NYCFL clinical team members competed in the race and provided refreshments.


Al Anon and AA

The New York Center for Living provides weekly AA and Al-Anon meetings open to the public. To learn more, please visit or

Professional Development Workshops

The New York Center for Living hosts a monthly professional educational and networking event designed to bring together mental health and addiction professionals for learning and sharing best practices. Workshops are free to all professionals within the addiction and related fields and students. Pre-registration is appreciated. (Click here to see a list of future and past events).

Parents In Action

The New York Center for Living provides monthly Parents in Action meetings.


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