Center for Living Supports Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness month. This year’s theme, Connecting the Dots: Opportunity for Recovery is directed towards young individuals.   Alcohol Use Disorder is an affliction that can be observed if you use alcohol to the point where it becomes an issue. If you cannot control your urges and continue to use it even though it causes problems, you could be suffering from this. You may also start to notice withdrawal symptoms if you stop drinking and an increase in your tolerance. At New York Center for Living we are committed to providing the most effective treatment possible for chemically dependent youth. We know that #helpworks and that information, innovation, creativity, flexibility, and compassion are key. If you, or someone you know  needs help, call us today, 212.712.8808. For additional resources on alcoholism, check below and visit


  1. Are you an Alcoholic? Symptoms of Alcoholism
  2. Effects of Alcohol on the Brain
  3. Predicting Future Drinking Patterns in Adolescents

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